Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early assumptions on the F-35 program from the dumb as a brick crowd

Visual tricks with colors are fun. Just not so much when it is the DOD and industry trying to pull one over on a gullible Congress so as to get your money.

Take a look at these very interesting Joint Strike Fighter graphics pulled from 1997 and 2001 briefings.

The look at the first one from 1997 and ponder it for a bit.

Then take a look at the one from 2001. Notice how the colors change for production and operation and sustainment costs yet the physical position of the bars don't change a lot.

What it looks like is as it got closer to the time where Congress had to make a decision, the numbers for earlier spending (R&D and procurement) had to look smaller; a lot smaller.

Interesting how O&S shot up. But hey, that is later and can be creatively covered by several colors of money.